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Our Mission Statement
McDonough & Sons Inc. will be a very successful sweeping company by using the minds, hearts, and talents of each individual. We are committed to earning loyalty, one customer at a time, through our expert skills and by providing dependable, quality service with state of the art technology. We value our ability to deliver cost-effective services with the ambition and integrity each customer deserves.


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Services: Catch basin and sump cleaning/root cutting, hydro-excavating, drain pipe repair, dry material handling, mainline sewer/storm flushing

Keeping your construction site as clean as
possible is what we do best. From basic construction site sweeping to totally washing down and scrubbing your site....

With the constant concern of air quality, McDonough & Sons Inc. has been able to provide our customers with the latest technologies in regenerative air sweepers. The regenerative air sweepers have a vacuum air system that gives it the ability to sweep up finer dust particles, which in turn leaves less dust in the atmosphere. The smaller air sweepers are used mainly for parking lot maintenance, while the larger air trucks are used for a wide range of services including: parking lots, airport runways, city streets, and highly dusty construction sites.

Our parking lot Services include the following:
· Routine sweeping service
· Blowing off sidewalks and storefronts
· Changing garbage cans
· Picking up debris from flower beds
· Machine sweeping
Services can be customized for individual ...