Why Should You Keep Your Parking Area Clean?

In today’s highly competitive market.  
An unsightly parking area can create a negative impact.  The added expense of parking area maintenance can not compare to the loss in revenue.  Most customers will decide to go across the street to shop at the competition with the well maintained center.  The parking area is the first thing that the customer observes when entering your establishment, which may determine whether or not they will come in to shop. McDonough & Sons Inc. is here to help! 

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You can count on us to keep your City streets, construction sites and parks clean and well maintained . 
Our services include:
City sweeping, construction site cleanup, and  emergency callout services.
We are equipped with high dump sweepers making it possible to dump into dump trucks.  This advantage saves you time and money as travel time can get expensive. All of our trucks are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trucks are dispatched immediately to take care of your needs fast and efficiently.
We will be there when and where you need us!

Catch basin ,oil water separator and sump cleaning.
 Root cutting, hydro-excavating, drain pipe repair, dry material handling, mainline new construction, Storm drain flushing, city and county inspection corrective actions.

Pot holes
Safely exposing underground utilities
Sign pole holes
Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Parking lots, roadways, new construction
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Retention pond cleaning
  • Oil/water separator cleaning
  • Catch basin/pipeline repair
Dry Material Hauling
  • Sand, dirt, slurry, gravel, concrete, etc.
  • Emergency spill cleanup
  • Hydro-excavating
  • Pot holes
  • Safely exposing underground utilities
  • Sign pole holes


Keep it looking new!

Our services include:  Hydro scrubbing and

Pressure washing sidewalks, Storefronts,

Preping parking stalls for restriping ,

Parking garages, Curbs, Moss removal,

Dumpster cages, Loading docks, Retention Walls,

Graffiti removal, Emergency spills


McDonough & Sons Inc. provides our customers with all the equipment needed to clean up their site. With our Tennant  ride on sweepers, we can fit into warehouses and parking garages to clean those hard to access areas.

These sweepers recover their own cleaning solution, leaving the surface virtually dry. Cleaning oil spots, tire marks, and ground in dirt is what we do best!

Whether it's a loading dock, parking garage, or warehouse, we will make it shine like new! No job is too small for these sweepers!


From driveways to shopping malls, tennis courts to golf cart paths, we use the highest grade materials available. Our professional paving crew takes pride in making sure every job is thoroughly completed to the customers satisfaction. If your looking for a company to rejuvenate your parking lot or need some other asphalt work done LOOK NO MORE we are here to take care of you!


Snowplowing, Sanding, Deicing :
Available 24 hours a day seven days a week.
Snowplowing and/or sanding is provided upon confirmed forecast of hazardous snow conditions. We convert to an automatic and immediate twenty-four hour emergency schedule, getting our customers taken care of as soon as the snow

With the constant concern of air quality, McDonough & Sons Inc. has been able to provide our customers with the latest technologies in regenerative air sweepers. The regenerative air sweepers have a vacuum air system that gives it the ability to sweep up finer dust particles, which in turn leaves less dust in the atmosphere. The smaller air sweepers are used mainly for parking lot maintenance, while the larger air trucks are used for a wide range of services including: parking lots, airport runways, city streets, and highly dusty construction sites.

Our parking lot Services include the following:
· Routine sweeping service
· Blowing off sidewalks and storefronts
· Changing garbage cans
· Picking up debris from flower beds
· Machine sweeping
Services can be customized for individual ...